Our Story

We are a leading construction company that has completed several diverse projects in Egypt, The Gulf, and Morocco regions.
In addition, we contribute to Mezyan Real Estate Development by building multi-use projects in multiple Arab countries, such as the Marrakech Hotel & Resort in Morocco, Al-Mezyan Plaza Hotel in Bahrain, and the infrastructure in Lusail City in Qatar.

Here at Mezyan Real Estate Development, we aim to change the impression that customers have about real estate development companies, given the current lack of trust in the market.

Our goal is to provide a real estate service that is primarily focused on making you satisfied by offering distinctive projects that reflect your luxury, eco-friendly, innovative designs that reflect your aspirations, and more.

Advantages of Mezyan Company


To bring a fresh perspective and innovate the real estate market in Egypt.

To target communities that seek privacy and luxury at the same time and meet their desires.

To focus on coastal projects for spending quality time with loved ones through our unique and distinguished projects.

To choose upscale and distinctive locations that reflect what our clients are looking for and exceed their expectations.